Portable Vibration Calibration for Research & Development

Shakers and portable calibration units are available for on-site validations.

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Handheld Shaker

Handheld Shaker – 394C06

The Model 394C06 Handheld Shaker is a small, self-contained, battery powered vibration exciter specifically designed to verify accelerometer and vibration system performance. It accepts sensors weighing up to 210 grams and delivers a controlled 1 g mechanical excitation.

  • Acceleration Output: (±3%) 1.00 g rms (9.81 m/s² rms)
  • Velocity Output: 0.39 in/sec rms (9.81 mm/s rms)
  • Operating Frequency: (±1%) 159.2 Hz (159.2 Hz)
  • Maximum Load: 7.4 oz (210 gm)