teds sensor interface kit.  enables communication to ieee 1451.4 teds sensors over pc usb interface. includes windows software, usb adapter, 10-32 microdot cable.

TEDS Sensor Interface Kit

Model 400B76

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TEDS Sensor Interface kit. Enables communication to IEEE 1451.4 TEDS sensors over PC USB interface. Includes Windows software, USB adapter, 10-32 microdot cable.

The Model 400B76 TEDS Sensor Interface Kit offers the capability to communicate with TEDS sensors over the USB port of a Windows PC. With an intuitive graphical interface to the data in a TEDS sensor, the 400B76 reads TEDS from, and writes TEDS to, sensors with a single mouse click. Model 400B76 supports more TEDS templates than any other available TEDS sensor interface kit. For further information, Click Here.

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