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A Companion for Unattended Construction Noise Monitoring

Do you monitor noise at construction or demolition sites? What if unattended vibration monitoring were just as easy? Turns out, it is!

Take a look at ROCK, a wireless, cloud-based vibration monitoring solution available to rent. Designed to be durable enough to withstand the elements and able to run autonomously for over six months, ROCK provides real-time alerts when vibration levels exceed built-in or user-defined thresholds. Comply with standards and keep the neighbors happy throughout your project.

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Syscom Cloud Software
Sound Intensity and Sound Power

Need to measure sound power or visualize steady state acoustic sources? The MEZZO Sound Intensity Probe is used in a wide variety of acoustic spaces without the expense of an anechoic room or a microphone array. All microphone conditioning and signal processing happens inside the probe handle, and the device connects to a PC or tablet via USB, making this a cost-effective and portable solution for sound intensity measurements.

  • Flexibility of positioning
  • Test in situ
  • Wide frequency range, down to 50 Hz, depending on microphone spacing

For locating and visualizing sound from dynamic or steady state sources, check out SoundCam. This acoustic camera utilizes an array / beamforming technique and overlays real-time sound measurements with a live video feed.

SoundCam is easy to use: simply set parameters, point the camera at an acoustic source, and see sound pressure levels over the top of a visual of the object. Maintaining proper distance is key to obtaining good quality measurements with an acoustic camera technique.

  • Built-in touch screen
  • Real-time frequency analysis
  • Data stored for further analysis and reporting
  • Frequency range 300 Hz to 10 kHz

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Microphone Clips and Holders

Sometimes it’s simple things that can make our work easier. Have you ever had to rig up a microphone in a haphazard way for the sake of good data? Check out these microphone clips (sometimes called microphone holders or preamplifier clips) and swivel bases available for rent. They mate with standard camera tripods, attach securely to the preamplifier with press fit, and can make microphone placement much easier.

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Mic Clips


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