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The Modal Shop’s Rental Team provides the equipment and flexibility to help you get the data you need without making compromises. From helping music festivals improve community relations to supporting engineering students in design competitions, we are committed to finding solutions to your noise monitoring challenges. As 2019 draws to a close and the holiday season arrives, we wish you the very best.

SnowGlobe Festival: A Proactive Approach to Festival Noise

The City of South Lake Tahoe California has been home to the SnowGlobe Festival, a premier electronic dance music festival taking place leading up to New Year’s Day, for nearly a decade. The city takes its relationship with its residents and neighbors seriously. Rental equipment from The Modal Shop helped create a unique and proactive approach to festival noise. Learn more about how Larson Davis’ Sound Advisor Model NMS044 Outdoor Noise Monitoring System helped SnowGlobe host the best festival yet by providing real-time sound levels to the community via the web.

Festival + Live Noise Levels = Happy Neighbors

Festival Crowd
Meters for SAE’s Collegiate Design Series

Did you know that The Modal Shop and Larson Davis support Formula SAE® and the SAE Clean Snowmobile Challenge® by loaning Class 1 Sound Level Meters to teams upon request? These two programs, part of SAE’s Collegiate Design Series, are intended to provide an exciting competition based on real-world situations to help prepare engineering students for their future careers.

Larson Davis’ Sound Level Meters are ideal for pass-by testing, exhaust noise testing, or short traffic noise surveys. The Modal Shop loves to support Collegiate Design Series teams and stocks sound level meters that can ensure your vehicle meets requirements to qualify for competition. Contact our Rental Team today to learn more about loaner equipment!

Why a Class 1 Meter is the Right Choice

831 Sound Level Meter with Snowmobile
Modal U: Noise Dosimetry Terminology

A lot of terminology related to noise dosimetry and protecting employees’ hearing gets tossed around. Confused by dose? Mystified by sound exposure level or exchange rate? Check out the Noise Dosimetry Glossary from Larson Davis. The new Spartan Wireless Noise Dosimeter Model 730 makes it easy to get the data you need to determine if your site complies with relevant noise dose standards and limits. The Modal Shop offers single dosimeters and multi-packs for rent to help you measure the noise dose experienced by your employees.

Get Started with Noise Dosimetry Terms

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