Microphone Calibration systems

Precision Acoustic Calibrators

PCB® offers calibrators for microphones that meet IEC and ANSI standards. These units are easy to use and available with optional adaptors for use with a variety of microphone diameters. Calibrators are lightweight, portable, and battery operated.

Acoustic Calibrator – CAL 200

Acoustic Calibrator

Model CAL 200

Class 1 acoustic calibrator with user selectable output of 94 or 114 dB at 1 kHz. 1/2" opening. (no adapter).

  • Operating Frequency: (±1%) 1000 Hz
  • Output: (Sound Pressure Level)(±0.2dB) 114 dB re 20 µPa
  • Distortion: <2 %
  • Configuration: Hand-Held
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Microphone Calibrator – CAL 250

Microphone Calibrator

Model CAL 250

Class 1 microphone calibrator, output 114 dB at 251.2 Hz. 1" opening with 1/2"(ADP019) adapter. 3/8" (ADP020) and 1/4" (ADP021) adapters available.

  • Operating Frequency: (±2Hz) 250 Hz
  • Output: (Sound Pressure Level)(±0.1dB) 114 dB re 20 µPa
  • Distortion: <2 %
  • Configuration: Hand-Held
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Microphone Comparison Calibrator – K9000 Kit

Microphone Comparison Calibrator Kits

K9000 Series

Microphone Comparison Calibrator Kits, K9000 Series, include the essential components for calibrating the most popular condenser and array microphones used in Test & Measurement applications. The K9000 Series is available in two configurations, offering a choice between a ½″ and ¼″ reference microphone, Models K9000-917-1/2 and K9000-917-1/4 respectively.

  • Includes all the components needed to perform calibrations per IEC 61094-5 from 20 Hz to 10 kHz
  • Versions available with both ½″ and ¼″ reference microphones
  • Compatible with both condenser and array microphones
  • Portable, battery-powered unit is self-contained solution
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Precision Microphone Calibration System

Precision Microphone Calibration System

Model 9350C

The 9350C is an accurate, automated system used to perform acoustic calibrations. Designed for:

  • Calibrates condenser measurement microphones, preamplifiers and sound sources
  • IEC 61094-6 and IEC 60942 compliant
  • Simple automated easy-to-use GUI
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