Model: 482B11

$895.00 USD
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1-channel, line-powered, ICP® sensor signal cond., gain x1, x10, x100, BNC input/output conn.

  • Channels: 1
  • Voltage Gain: (±1%) x1 x10 x100

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Channels1 1  
Voltage Gain (±1 %)x1 x10 x100 x1 x10 x100  
High Frequency Response (-5 %) (Gain x1)85 kHz85 kHz 
High Frequency Response (-5 %) (Gain x10)85 kHz85 kHz 
High Frequency Response (-5 %) (Gain x100)60 kHz60 kHz 
Fault/Bias Monitor/Meter (meter)24 VDC FS24 VDC FS 
Temperature Range+30 to +130 °F-1.1 to +54.4 °C 
AC Power (50-400Hz)105 to 125 VAC105 to 125 VAC[2] 
AC Power0.25 Amps0.25 Amps 
Excitation Voltage (To Sensor)+24 VDC+24 VDC 
DC Offset (Maximum)±30 mV±30 mV 
Constant Current Excitation (To Sensor)2 to 20 mA2 to 20 mA[1] 
Discharge Time Constant3 sec3 sec 
Spectral Noise (1 Hz)4.3 µV/√Hz-107 dB 
Spectral Noise (10 Hz)1.3 µV/√Hz-118 dB 
Spectral Noise (100 Hz)0.37 µV/√Hz-129 dB 
Spectral Noise (1 kHz)0.16 µV/√Hz-136 dB 
Broadband Electrical Noise (1 to 10000 Hz) (Gain x1)29 µV-91 dB 
Spectral Noise (10 kHz)0.12 µV/√Hz-138 dB 
Spectral Noise (1 Hz)31 µV/√Hz-90 dB 
Spectral Noise (10 Hz)13 µV/√Hz-98 dB 
Spectral Noise (100 Hz)3.7 µV/√Hz-109 dB 
Spectral Noise (1 kHz)1.8 µV/√Hz-115 dB 
Spectral Noise (10 kHz)0.80 µV/√Hz-122 dB 
Broadband Electrical Noise (1 to 10000 Hz) (Gain x10)198 µV-74 dB 
Spectral Noise (1 Hz)274 µV/√Hz-78 dB 
Spectral Noise (10 Hz)126 µV/√Hz-88 dB 
Spectral Noise (100 Hz)39 µV/√Hz-96 dB 
Spectral Noise (1 kHz)15 µV/√Hz-104 dB 
Spectral Noise (10 kHz)6.6 µV/√Hz-113 dB 
Broadband Electrical Noise (1 to 10000 Hz) (Gain x100)2.2 mV-71 dB 
Electrical Connector (Input, sensor)BNC JackBNC Jack 
Electrical Connector (Output)BNC JackBNC Jack 
Size - Height4.3 in109.2 mm 
Size - Width1.8 in45.7 mm 
Size - Depth6.0 in152.4 mm 
Weight2 lb907.2 gm 

All specifications are at room temperature unless otherwise specified.

Product Notes
[1] User adjustable, factory set at 4 mA (± 0.5 mA).
[2] Unit set to 230 VAC when ordered as model F482B11.
017AXXPower Cord(1)
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No optional versions
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