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Our entire team at The Modal Shop wishes you a healthy and productive end of 2021! We look forward to supporting your tests as we wrap up this year and move into 2022. Happy holidays to you and yours!
Need a Tiny Triax?
New ultra-miniature triaxial ICP® accelerometers have a high frequency response and are offered in a variety of measurement ranges to fit any mass- or space-restricted application. Many of these titanium units are 1 gram mass and measure just 0.25 inches (6.35 mm).
We’ve recently added Models 356A06 and 356A09 to our inventory. As the smallest available triaxial accelerometer with a connector instead of an integrated cable, mounting is simplified and cable substitutions are easy. Our team is here to help find the right sensor for your test!
Rent Ultra-miniature Triaxial Accelerometers
Ultra-miniature triaxial ICP Accelerometer Model 356A06
We Care About Cables
When it comes to your vibration testing, it’s easy to neglect your cables. We’re here to help with a variety of cable tips! PCB manufactures 4-conductor cables for standard ICP triaxial accelerometers that:
  • Minimize mass
  • Offer increased flexibility
  • Improve fatigue life
As an example, stranded center conductor style cables, including Cable Type 036, are superior in the above categories when compared to a solid center conductor style. Check out the cable comparison chart for details.
Poor cable care
Making measurements in a dusty or wet environment? Take a look at 034W and 078W Series IP68-rated triaxial breakout cables – they can even be submersed in water for short periods.
Talk Cables with Our Rental Team
New in the World of Sound Level Meter Rentals
Solar Panels

Did you know Remote Noise Monitoring Kits complete with a solar panel are available? Deploy our KNMS044 Kit in locations with no power, stop worrying about battery life, and access your data anytime with included SIM card and data plan.
Rent Outdoor Noise Monitoring Kits

NMS044 at constuction site

In another testing upgrade, our Larson Davis SoundAdvisor-based systems now offer flexible scheduling for noise monitoring and communications. With optional firmware 831C-SCH:

  • Send targeted alerts – schedule when alerts are sent and who receives them
  • Measure only when necessary to avoid unwanted data
  • Meet varying requirements with automatic noise limit changes
  • Manage your schedule remotely with a simple user interface

Learn More about Remote Scheduling

831C-SCH screenshot


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