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Ready to Rent?  

The Modal Shop's Rental Team is always working to make  items available that will fit your testing needs. Our Sound & Vibration Rental Selection Guide has recently been updated with new product offerings and options. 

Download the latest Selection Guide  or contact us for assistance selecting the perfect equipment for your needs today!

Digiducer: Plug-and-Play USB Accelerometer

Have you tried Digiducer yet? A low-cost
way to break into the vibration monitoring game,  Digiducer allows anyone to turn a smartphone, tablet, or laptop into a vibration analyzer. Our Rental Team now offers a complete single channel vibration monitoring kit, Model K333D01. This ki t includes:
  • Digiducer USB Digital Accelerometer
  • Magnetic mounting base
  • System controller (typically an iPad or Surface) loaded with vibration apps
This configuration can be used as a low-cost, powerful alternative to a vibe pen or basic vibration meter - offering more consistent results and a larger measurement range. USB connectivity allows you to capture data and send it to a vibration expert for analysis. Digiducer can help you empower your Reliability and Instrumentation teams to make better measurements.

How Can Rental Help You Reach Your Goals?  

As a rental customer, you understand why rental makes sense for your next project. But have you ever struggled to justify it to a colleague or to your boss? Take a look at this article, which lays out, in simple terms, several reasons that you might want to rent the equipment for your next test.

Whether you have a one-time test, need to try before you buy, or just want to be sure you are using well-maintained, recently calibrated equipment, rental is a powerful tool to help you reach your goals.

Give us a call at 800.860.4867 or send us an email and let The Modal Shop's Rental Team know how we can help you!
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