Ah. Fall. What's better than all of your favorite things, now injected with pumpkin spiced flavor? Almost anything! With the kids back in school, we drop some knowledge about calibration reference frequency, offer up some portable calibration solutions for plant maintenance and shutdowns, and introduce the Rental Team!
Rent a Portable Calibrator to Make the Most of Seasonal Shutdowns

In plants and refineries, scheduled shutdowns, often called turnarounds (TAR), are necessary to deal with maintenance or renovations. It's wise to take advantage of this time to check the operation of your vibration protection system on critical equipment. A Portable Vibration Calibrator rented from The Modal Shop allows for easy calibration and loop checking of accelerometers, 4-20 mA vibration sensors, proximity probes, vibration analyzers, charge mode sensors, and more. Create NIST traceable calibration certificates and validate the entire measurement chain from sensor to control room.

We offer rental terms as short as one week, allowing your plant to experience increased safety and uptime without requiring a capital expenditure. 

Meet Our Rental Team

You've probably met at least part of the team via email or on phone calls... but who are we, really? First and foremost, we have a shared commitment to helping you find flexible solutions to challenging sound and vibration tests. In our spare time, though, our interests range from national parks and fishing to thunderstorms and racing cars. Get to know us!

Tech Talk: Why Do Handheld Shakers Commonly Shake at 159.2 Hz?

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