Welcome to the Spring / Summer Edition of Rental Quarterly News! As always, we're here to serve as your testing partner. Learn more below about new accelerometers and some unexpected finds in our rental inventory. Plus, videos from Crystal Instruments to get you up and running with Spider-20 in BlackBox Mode.
Wild and Woolly Rental Finds

For The Modal Shop's Rental Team, it's not just about accelerometers and shakers. We scoured our rental inventory to share a few unique items that may be just what you need to get your testing done!
  • PCB Cable Test Box Model 400A84: Test any 2-conductor cable for faults or opens, and identify issues to inner or outer conductor or shorts. Includes BNC, 10-32, and 5-44 connectors for each cable end; other adaptors can be used.
  • Modal Punch Model 088A: Perform structural testing on automotive axles, gearbox shafts, machine tools, and other points inaccessible by standard impact hammers. Use with your own non-instrumented hammer. 
  • New Shipping Cases: Many of The Modal Shop's larger rental items are now shipping in sturdy cases with custom inserts that eliminate additional packaging waste, making storage and shipping much easier. Applies to large hammers, shaker systems, tapping machines, and more.
  • Triaxial Extension Cables: Eliminate the use of long coaxial cables - substitute a single cable between a triax and standard breakout cable to easily cover long distances. 
Spider-20 Portable Wireless Dynamic Signal Analyzer

The Spider-20 from Crystal Instruments is a full-featured analyzer in an easily portable, battery-powered, handheld package! It offers four 24-bit inputs, tach input, ICP® power, 6-hour battery life (swappable), built-in WiFi, and more. The system can operate in "BlackBox Mode" - no need to have it tethered to a PC full time! Set up testing with a PC in the office - once in the field, simply use the Power | Start | Stop buttons on the Spider-20 to control your measurements. A wired Ethernet connected option is available as well.

Want to learn more? We like this tutorial on using Spider-20 in BlackBox Mode (without a PC), found on Crystal Instruments' YouTube channel.

What's New in Our Accelerometer Inventory?

We are always adding to our rental inventory to meet your vibration testing needs. Some popular new additions include:
  • Model 356A45 - a newly available miniature, 4.2 gram, triaxial TEDS adhesive-mount unit perfect for structural testing
  • Model 354C02 - offers a unique thru-hole (ring style) that simplifies alignment for triaxial mounting
  • Model 352C33 - a single axis, general purpose ICP accelerometer with a sensitivity of 100 mV/g (TEDS versions available)
  • HTTLD356A02 - a triaxial ±500 g pk TEDS unit useable to 325 °F / 163 °C
Visit our website for details on both single axis and triaxial accelerometers available to rent!
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