Welcome back to the Winter Edition of Rental News! As always, we're here to serve as your testing partner.  Learn more below about the new Digital ICP - USB Signal Conditioner as well as adhesives in accelerometer mounting!
Signal Conditioning in Your Pocket

Make high quality measurements more accessible with Model 485B39 pocket-sized ICP® to USB Signal Conditioner. Quick to set up with no driver installation required, Model 485B39 allows for plug-and-play operation with a portable device such as a phone, tablet, or laptop. Condition and analyze signals from ICP/IEPE-powered accelerometers, microphones, impact hammers, force transducers, laser tachometers, and more.

With Model 485B39, it is easy to acquire, save, and share data on-the-go. Also available as a kit with a system controller and preinstalled time and frequency analysis software. Learn more or get a rental quote!
What's the Difference? Percent Difference vs Deviation

Calibration Sensors ABS Cert
Did you know The Modal Shop publishes a monthly newsletter, Dynamic Sensors & Calibration Tips? The article, "Percent Difference vs Deviation in Calibration," included in this month's issue, answers some important questions we here on the Rental Team field from time to time. The terms percent difference and deviation are important to understand common failure modes for an accelerometer. Take a look at the full article to understand what these parameters mean for your accelerometer calibrations. To get more calibration tips and tricks straight to your inbox each month, subscribe to the newsletter.
Questions about Adhesive Mounting?

When using accelerometers to measure vibration, stud or screw mounting are the preferred method, because adhesive methods affect the usable frequency range of the sensor. Sometimes, though, adhesive mounting is the most practical option. Learn about the ins and outs of adhesive mounting and how to find adhesives recommended by our Rental Team at The Modal Shop!
Our Rental Team is still on the hunt for a new Application Engineer. We are a customer-focused, fast-paced, application-driven group, dedicated to helping solve testing challenges. Know someone who might be interested?  Send us an email   for details!
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