As winter rolls around again, The Modal Shop's Rental Team is here, ready to help you meet your testing needs with a wide and ever-expanding range of quality, calibrated equipment. We appreciate your business and want to keep you "in the loop" with some new and noteworthy items. Remember, we value your time and pledge to limit this newsletter to once a quarter.
Shaker Rentals Simplified

In need of shakers? Having difficulty determining what you'll need to complete your test setup? 

Your TMS Rental Team has developed customizable Shaker Selection Sheets to help you select the specific items for any particular job. See what options may exist (including a Return Shipping Label!) that will make testing easier than ever.  Contact us today for your
next shaker rental!
Island of Misfit Accels
Land of Misfit Accelerometers

Looking for an end-of-the-year bargain? Our annual Land of Misfit Accelerometer List is available now! In our discount test equipment inventory, we currently have single axis and triaxial accelerometers, including sensors for seismic and high temperature applications, plus charge converters, signal analyzers, cables, and more. 

Take a look at what's available and give the Modal Elves a call today!
Calibration Seal
Confused about Calibration?

Wondering about the calibration of rental accelerometers? When you rent sensors from The Modal Shop, you can rest assured that they will be calibrated on a timeline that fits with your rental period and will include A2LA-accredited (in most cases), NIST-traceable calibration information. The default calibration interval is one year for most sensors, and we consider your rental period when sending out sensors. For example, if equipment is expected to be out for 5 months, the last calibration date will be within the past 7 months. 

What about the calibration frequency range? Although some sensors (for example, 393 Series seismic accelerometers) are provided with low-frequency calibrations down to 0.5 Hz, most single axis and triaxial sensor rentals include calibration from 10 Hz to upper 5% of the frequency limit of the axis. 

The Modal Shop offers a standard calibration starting at 5 Hz, but many recently purchased accelerometers may only include factory standard calibration data from 10 Hz. Notes detailing the calibration included for each sensor are available on our site. NIST-traceable low-frequency calibration is available for any standard sensor at an additional charge, and additional calibration options may be available. Contact us for details.

Give us a call at 800.860.4867 or send us an email and let The Modal Shop's Rental Team know how we can help you!
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