Fall is here, and with it comes back-to-school, football, and a quick update from the team at The Modal Shop's Sound and Vibration Rental Program. We are always here for you, ready to help you meet your testing needs with a wide and ever-expanding range of quality, calibrated equipment. We want to keep you up-to-date on what's new in the world of Rental. As a reminder, we know that your time is valuable, and we pledge to limit these updates to once a quarter.

New Shock and High Temperature Triaxial ICP® Accelerometers Available to Rent

The Modal Shop offers for rent a variety of miniature triaxial ICP ® accelerometers. Triaxial accelerometers are designed with three orthogonal sensing elements to enable simultaneous multi-axis measurements (x-, y-, and z-axis). The small, lightweight miniature units have a high frequency response and are ideal for installations in areas with space restrictions. Commonly used for modal and structural analysis, drop testing, package testing, and small component qualification, these sensors come in a variety of sensitivities to suit different application requirements. Recently added to our rental inventory is HT356B01/NC, a miniature, triaxial ICP accelerometer that is safe for high temperature environments of up to 356 °F.
Another new offering in Rental is 350A43/NC, a rugged, mechanically-isolated, and electrically filtered triaxial ICP shock accelerometer. Shock accelerometers are suitable for measuring harsh pyroshock events seen in metal-to-metal impact, explosive bolts, impact tools, explosive studies, stage separation testing, and more. High-g shock calibration is included when renting all 350 Series units.

Check out all of the triaxial ICP accelerometers we offer for rent or contact us today to help you find the right sensor for your needs!

Single Channel Wireless Telemetry Systems Now Available

New to The Modal Shop's rental lineup is Accumetrics' Single Channel Wireless Torque Telemetry System, AT-5000 EasyApp. Single channel telemetry systems provide non-contact transmission of torque measurements off of rotating shafts. Coupled with your strain gages, these systems make dependable collection of torque measurements off of rotating machines faster, easier, and safer. Though primarily used for torque measurements, the AT-5000 EasyApp is also capable of providing RTD temperature and voltage measurements. This compact, battery-powered system is used with a flexible antenna that is great for small, oddly shaped spaces around the rotating shaft (for example, in drive shaft tunnels). It is easily installed with an aramid fiber strap onto shaft diameters of 0.9 inches or larger. Learn more about our single channel telemetry rental offerings here.

Analyzer Rentals

Recently added to our already extensive inventory of data acquisition and analysis solutions are several analyzers from Crystal Instruments. Whether you're looking for a handheld battery-operated device, a high-channel count, scalable system, or something in between, we can help you find the perfect analyzer for your project. Contact us today for selection assistance or check out our analyzer offerings.
Give us a call at 800.860.4867 or send us an email and let The Modal Shop's Rental Team know how we can help you!
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