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Happy Spring from The Modal Shop's Sound and Vibration Rental Team. We are always here, ready to help you meet your testing needs with a wide and ever-expanding range of quality, calibrated equipment. We want to keep you up-to-date on what's going on in the world of Vibration Rental. Just a reminder: this newsletter will never be sent more than once per quarter.
Seismic Accelerometers
Do you ever have a difficult time explaining in layman's terms to your family or friends what an accelerometer does? GE Global Research performed an experiment: speaking towards a section of the Berlin Wall and converting the measured vibrations back to speech for those on the other side, using a PCB Piezotronics 393B05 sensor. A fantastic short video explains the test. Then, ex-Mythbuster Adam Savage rented another 393B05 to duplicate and explain the GE experiment in his own video.
Our Rental Program offers a variety of seismic sensors for low frequency and low amplitude testing. For projects as wide-ranging as train monitoring, MRI, Lasik and other medical equipment installations, fitness centers, building construction, bridge monitoring, and more - The Modal Shop rents every 393 Series seismic ICP® accelerometer, as well as MEMS units for true DC measurements .
Digiducer™ Now Available for Rental
Digiducer, a unique plug-and-play, USB-connected, piezoelectric accelerometer, can help anyone quickly and easily make and share vibration measurements in real-time. The versatile Digiducer can help troubleshoot vibration problems, monitor systems, and provide data for predictive maintenance. Digiducer is phone-, tablet-, and PC-compatible and can be used with a growing list of existing software with no drivers to download. Read how Digiducer is integral to Cosen's MechaLogix line of cloud-enabled band saws, allowing a user to receive an alert when the cutting blade is nearing the end of its useful life, maximizing blade life while avoiding wasted materials.
Sound and Vibration Rental Pricelist / Selection Guide

The updated Rental Pricelist includes dozens of new featured products. Accelerometers suited for extreme temperatures are now offered. Also included are the new 9200D low frequency shaker table and the 9210D low frequency calibrator - used for field-testing or calibration of low frequency accelerometers, prox probes, and more. 30 day rental periods are shown on the Pricelist, but remember periods as short as 7 days are available.

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