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Test Equipment Rental from The Modal Shop
The Modal Shop's Sound and Vibration Rental Program is available to help meet critical and immediate term testing needs with a wide range of quality, calibrated equipment. We appreciate your business and interest in the service, and wanted to keep you informed of new product offerings. As a reminder, this newsletter will never be sent more than once a quarter. 
Spring is nearly upon us. Every day here at The Modal Shop can bring unpredictable temperatures. With that said, we thought we'd focus on some recent additions to inventory for those of you who test in extreme environments:

Cryogenic Accelerometers Now Available
Cryogenic Sensor
We have started offering 351 Series accelerometers perfect for cryogenic pumps, rocket motor testing, refrigerant handling, or any test situation down to -320ºF (-196ºC). The units are hermetically sealed and power with standard ICP® and operate with standard 003 low noise cabling. 

New High Temperature Accelerometers Available
Sunburnt High Temp Sensor Many ICP® piezoelectric sensors can be used up to 250°F (121°C), with  some models operational beyond 325°F (163°C). Charge mode single axis and triaxial piezoelectric accelerometers to 500°F (260°C) have also been available.

New to the Rental Program and available in large quantities is PCB Piezotronics Model 357B61,offering a ±1000 g measurement capability and wide frequency range in environments  up to 900°F (482°C). Hardline cabling and in-line charge converters (and data acquisition, if needed) are all available to complete the measurement chain. Further information on high temperature rental offerings is detailed   here .

TMS Rental Water Proof
Using a Sensor in a Dirty or Spray Environment... or Even Underwater?
We can help! If renting a hermetically sealed sensor and mating cable, add on "TMS WP" to provide an assembly of the cable directly attached and sealed to the sensor's electrical connector with o-rings and heat-shrink tubing. This sealing process guards against contamination from dirt and fluids, permits short-term underwater use, and is ideal for sensors in spray or humid environments. This and other options to enhance a rental are overviewed here.

As always, Happy Testing!  Let us know how we can help!

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Bruce Lachey
Rental Program Manager
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