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Fall is on its way, and with it comes back-to-school, football, and a quick update from the team at The Modal Shop's Sound and Vibration Rental Program. We are always here for you, ready to help you meet your testing needs with a wide and ever-expanding range of quality, calibrated equipment. We want to keep you up-to-date on what's new in the world of Rental. As a reminder, we know that your time is valuable, and we pledge to limit these updates to once a quarter.
Introducing the SoundAdvisor Model 831C Sound Level Meter

The new SoundAdvisor Model 831C Sound Level Meter from Larson Davis, now available to rent from The Modal Shop, provides all of the options and flexibility you've come to expect from Larson Davis plus a level of connectivity never seen before in a sound level meter. New features include a color screen, improved storage, time sync, and more. Cellular, WiFi, and wired networking are all available with the SoundAdvisor 831C. The meter can even serve as its own hotspot. 


What does this mean to you? You can check in with your meter, listen to noise events, modify settings, and receive alerts - all from a consistent user interface on a phone or remote PC no matter where you are located. Even when there is no internet connectivity available to the meter, connect to the meter's hotspot from nearby: modify settings or monitor noise without getting your feet muddy!

New Microphones are Now Available to Rent
The Modal Shop is always looking to add the items you most want to rent to our inventory. New offerings include prepolarized free-field, pressure, and random incidence microphones. Very low frequency, water and dust resistant, low noise, and high frequency, high amplitude systems are all available. Check out what's new and find a microphone that will be perfect for your needs.

Remember, rental is not only a useful tool for short-term projects, it is also a great way to "try before you buy." See our Microphones and Preamplifier page for full details on all of the microphones available for rent.
Room Acoustics
Do you need to make room acoustics measurements in an upcoming test? A variety of Larson Davis solutions are available to rent. We know Reverberation Time, RT, is likely a key parameter in your testing, and that you may also be facing architectural acoustics and absorption coefficient measurements. With analyzers, software, omnidirectional sound sources, and tapping machines on hand, we can help you determine what's needed for a successful test.
Give us a call at 800.860.4867 or send us an email and let The Modal Shop's Rental Team know how we can help you!
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