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As a community of measurement professionals, what’s your feeling on the recent time change? Aside from a small challenge with locating all the clocks in our new, larger facility, we wondered last week if the practice of Daylight Savings Time makes sense. One benefit always stands out though – driving home with daylight really is a wonderful reminder that spring and summer are just around the corner.

Workplace Noise Measurements: Wherever You Need Them
Excessive worker noise exposure is a threat to health and safety in a wide array of workspaces – however, there's good news! The Modal Shop’s Rental Team now offers Larson Davis’ Spartan™ Intrinsically Safe Noise Dosimeter Model 730IS for use in explosive environments. Rent a single unit or as many as needed; meters come in convenient 3, 5, and 10 packs for larger projects.

Spartan 730IS offers entirely wireless operation:

  • Connect to a mobile device or PC using Bluetooth to
    • Set up measurements
    • View live data on one or multiple meters
    • View and share reports
  • Charge via pad built into the case
Spartan 730IS Dosimeter Charging on Pad next to Phone with LD Atlas App
The Spartan-compatible LD Atlas™ mobile app and G4 LD Utility Software are free to download with no licensing fees. Bump and motion detection and optional event sound recording make it easier to detect tampering and identify sound sources. With Spartan-IS, it’s easy to start making meaningful measurements right away.
Rent Spartan Intrinsically Safe Dosimeters
FFT: Which Window Works Best?
Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) can be incredibly useful in identifying key frequencies of a signal. A phenomenon known as leakage occurs when processing real-world signals, resulting in lower peak amplitudes and “smeared” frequency responses. Although leakage effects are commonly seen, the effects can be reduced with use of a “Window” function. Learn more about which window functions are best for your application.

FFT analysis for sound and vibration is now available on SoundAdvisor™ Model 831C. Ideal for machinery troubleshooting, tone detection, and noise source identification, the system offers:

  • Handheld, single-channel FFT measurements
  • In-the-field tonal assessment and analysis
  • Support for Engineering Units
  • Real-time data on the meter, mobile device, or PC
  • Auto peak finding with harmonic cursors

Rent an FFT Analyzer System

SoundAdvisor 831C with FFT Overall View Screen
Portable and Rugged Outdoor Noise Measurements

Outdoor noise monitoring projects can range from quick, handheld measurements to solar-powered systems with remote access, custom notifications, and more. The Modal Shop offers rental options for the entire range of possibilities – often in surprisingly lightweight packages. For remote deployments of two weeks or less, a system powered by D-cell batteries and housed in a rugged, weatherproof case is an excellent option.

Larson Davis Noise Monitoriing System
The Rental Team has developed a list of helpful resources to avoid common problems when planning outdoor noise measurements. Use the Noise Monitoring Checklist to ensure good measurements the first time.
Rent Outdoor Noise Monitoring Systems

Our teams continue to develop on-demand technical training – stay tuned for information on the next series! In the meantime, take a look at the recent session, “Worker Noise Exposure: 3 Ways to Make Better Measurements” for tips on better noise exposure measurements.

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