Welcome back to the Spring Edition of Rental News! As always, we're here to serve as your testing partner!
Top 5 Ways G4 Software Simplifies Your Tests

While a Larson Davis Sound Level Meter rented from The Modal Shop can be operated in-hand from the buttons and menus on the device itself, did you know that there is also a free utility app to help setup tests, make measurements, and analyze results? From connecting to multiple meters to updating meter firmware, LD's G4 Utility Software is a powerful tool...

Modal U: Sound Measurement Basics

What's the difference between Lpeak and Lmax? This quarter in Sound Measurement Basics, we attack these commonly confused sound measurement parameters with a few key concepts.

Visit Sound Terminology from our sister company, Larson Davis, to learn how an understanding of time weighting can help clarify the meanings of Lpeak, Lmax, and Lmin!
A Sound Measurement Solution for Every Need

The Modal Shop rents a wide variety of sound level meters and noise monitoring systems to meet your testing needs. From handheld meters to mix and match systems for medium-term applications to complete solar-powered systems for long-term projects, we can match you with the right noise monitoring approach for your project and budget. 

Check out pages 24-32 of our selection guide for options - or, even easier - just give us a call and one of our experienced Application Engineers will be happy to help you select the system that best fits your needs.
Our Rental Team is still on the hunt for a new Application Engineer. We are a customer-focused, fast-paced, application-driven group, dedicated to helping solve testing challenges. Know someone who might be interested? Send us an email for details!
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