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Our Modal Rental Team is hiring! We are currently searching for another Application Engineer to help us support you better. Our team is a customer-focused, fast-paced, application-driven group, dedicated to helping you solve your measurement challenges. Know someone who might be interested? Have them send us an email for details!
Island of Misfit Accels
Land of Misfit Microphones

Looking for microphones or other sound measurement equipment, but don't have much budget left? The Modal Shop is offering a variety of used acoustic test gear for sale.

Holiday Ode to Acoustics 
Measure reindeer on sleighs, in labs and in air!
Protect worker elves hammering out toy trains and bears;
From meters to mics for the quietest sound;
Discounted acoustic solutions abound!

Check out what's available, then give us a call or contact us by email to place your order with the Modal Elves today!
Top 5 Benefits of Using G4 Software with Your Sound Level Meter

You most likely use G4 to download data from your sound measurements. But have you explored the other features of G4? There are several advantages to setting up, running, and viewing results in G4:
  • Create setup files for different measurement scenarios and store them on your PC to facilitate easy backup and sharing of files
  • Connect to multiple sound level meters and send a common setup file to each meter
  • Get the latest and greatest: update your meter's firmware from G4*
  • Remotely access your meter with G4, view live data, download data, and control the meter from the comfort of your home or office
  • Examine results in a spreadsheet and graphical format, listening to sound recordings directly from the graphed data
Download G4 from the Larson Davis Website today!

*Note that when you rent a sound level meter from The Modal Shop, we will make sure it is updated with the latest firmware available before sending it to you.
Introducing Modal U: Sound Measurement Basics

Welcome to our new quarterly feature, Modal U: Sound Measurement Basics. As your partner in sound measurement, we want to help you understand terminology used in the field. This quarter, we're taking a look at frequency weightings and L eq.
  • Frequency weightings are common, special frequency filters that adjust the amplitude of all parts of the frequency spectrum of the sound or vibration. The most commonly used weightings are A, C, and Z ...
  • Leq is the level of a constant sound over a specific time period that has the same sound energy as the actual (unsteady) sound over the same period...
Visit Sound Terminology from our sister company, Larson Davis, to read the full definitions!
As the holidays approach, we at The Modal Shop want to wish you a joyous and peaceful season. We are grateful to be your sound measurement solution provider!
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