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Already, the memories of those lazy summer days at the lake or beach are starting to fade. As we move into fall, The Modal Shop brings you the latest news about our rental offerings and a tip on how to make sound recordings using dynamic triggering on your sound meter. Read on for details!
SoundAdvisor™ Goes on Vacation

Do you need to record noise events over a long period of time? The Larson Davis SoundAdvisor 831C Sound Level Meter went on vacation to record loons* this summer, with the express purpose of demonstrating dynamic triggering for sound recordings just for you! 

Dynamic triggering allows you to record noise events that are a user-specified number of decibels louder than background noise. New features in the G4 LD Utility software make it easy to look at just the events of interest and to correlate sound with data in post-processing. Check out this "loony" video to learn more!

* You might be thinking that we could have simply recorded some Modal Loons right here in our office, but real wildlife is much better!
Interested in Vibration Rentals?

You already rent your sound equipment from The Modal Shop, but did you know we offer an extensive product line of vibration transducers and structural test products? Check out our website, or let us know if you'd be interested in receiving our Quarterly Vibration Newsletter.

Audiometer Calibration Just Got Easier

New in our rental inventory is Larson Davis' redesigned Audiometer Calibration Systems. Annual calibration of audiometers is essential, because normal wear and tear can take its toll on the accuracy of the device. Model AudCal offers a complete, field-ready calibration solution in a durable case, suitable for travel between facilities.
Set up, run, and save tests right from your mobile device with the free AudCal app, available for iOS or Android, making testing and reporting results easy. An intuitive user interface and easy setup makes following current standards for audiometer calibration straightforward and repeatable. Check out the Model AudCal Audiometer Calibration Systems, acoustic couplers, and ear simulators available for rent from The Modal Shop.
Interested in joining The Modal Shop's Team? We're currently searching for an Application Engineer to support our Rental Group. If you like a customer-focused, fast-paced, application-driven environment, please  send us an email for details!
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