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Our Rental Team has been busy adding new solutions to our inventory. As always, we are here to help you solve your measurement challenges!
New SoundAdvisor Sound Level Meter

Don't forget we are now renting Larson Davis' SoundAdvisor Model 831C Sound Level Meter. Providing you with options and the flexibility you've come to expect, this Class 1 sound meter offers a new level of connectivity. Cellular, WiFi, and wired networking are all available. The meter can even serve as its own hotspot. Other new features include improved storage, time sync, a color screen, and more!

Tech Tip: While on rental, if you need to charge the internal batteries on the SoundAdvisor, use the supplied USB cable. For your convenience, we provide a heavy duty, 28 AWG cable designed to draw enough power for a proper charge. Smaller, lighter duty cables will not ensure a full charge for your device.
Outdoor Noise Monitoring, Simplified

Whether you are measuring environmental noise, monitoring construction sites for noise level compliance, or recording continuous or discrete events, Larson Davis' Environmental Noise Monitoring Systems are a great option for your short or medium term noise projects. The new Larson Davis SoundAdvisor Noise Monitoring Kit Model NMS044, built on the technology of the Model 831C, delivers remote connectivity with solar power. Watch this video to see the easy steps to set up an Outdoor Noise Monitoring System in the field. We have these systems in stock, ready to ship to you. Contact us to learn more.

Making Noise Measurements in Cold Weather?

We're still dealing with chilly weather off and on here in Cincinnati. This brings to mind some special considerations to take into account when making sound measurements in cold weather. 
  • Remember that batteries drain more quickly in cold temperatures - bring along some extras just in case!
  • Microphone sensitivity changes slightly as the temperature fluctuates: be sure to calibrate your device where you will be using it before starting measurements.
  • The microphone and calibrator should both be at ambient temperature when calibrating, so make sure to give the system some time to stabilize at the location you are measuring before you begin (a good tip for any time of year!)
For more information on how to handle microphones safely in any weather, check out this video.
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