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Low Noise Microphone Measurements

Measure to 6.5 dBA and below with the new 378A04 pre-polarized microphone system offered in Rental. The matched system includes a high sensitivity microphone, low noise preamplifier, and in-line filter for free-field response over a wide 10 Hz-16 kHz frequency range. The pre-polarized (0 V) design powers with any ICP® sensor power with 4-20 mA and pairs with low-cost coaxial cables for simple measurements for any product testing, environmental noise, or R&D project in which extremely low noise is vital.


Need a complete measurement system for low noise? We also offer the Larson Davis 831-LOWN that pairs an 831 Sound Level Meter with the 378A04 for a battery powered, highly portable kit. As with any sound meter kit from The Modal Shop's Rental Program, feel free to configure items to meet your exact test requirements.

Larson Davis 831
Keep Your Sound Level Meter Fresh
When rented from The Modal Shop, every meter includes the current version of firmware. Did you know that you can improve your existing noise monitoring systems as well? Make sure your own Larson Davis LxT and 831 meters are updated with no-charge, current firmware. New features and improvements include enhancements to download speed and USB connectivity, as well as support for new products-including the EPS2116 universal windscreen. Check out a list of updates here and download the latest copy of SLM Utility-G4, including firmware update instructions.
Sound and Vibration Rental Pricelist / Selection Guide
The 2017  Rental Pricelist includes dozens of new products. In addition to the low noise microphone system discussed earlier, many new microphones are available, including: 
  • 1/2" 377A07 low frequency unit to 0.13 Hz
  • 1/2" 377A06 high frequency/high amplitude unit to 40 kHz and 150* dB
  • 1/2" 377A21 for random incidence measurements to 20 kHz
  • 1/4" 377A12 high amplitude pressure microphone to 182* dB
  • 1/2" 130A24 water resistant array microphone

View more information here. Additionally, complete Audiometry Calibration systems including couplers, mastoids, artificial ears, and more are now available.

*When used with ICP® power, upper dynamic range level is reduced by approximately 8 dB.
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