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Model: 123A

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Rocket motor pressure probe, 3000 psi, 1 pC/psi, Helium bleed, water-cooled, M14 x 1.25 thd

  • Measurement Range: 3000 psi (20685 kPa)
  • Sensitivity: (±20%) 1.1 pC/psi (0.159 pC/kPa)
  • Sensing Element: Quartz
  • Temperature Range: -450 to +500 °F (-268 to +260 °C)
  • Electrical Connector: Integral Cable

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Sensitivity (±20 %)1.1 pC/psi0.159 pC/kPa 
Measurement Range3000 psi20685 kPa 
Maximum Pressure5000 psi34475 kPa 
Resolution0.02 psi0.138 kPa[2] 
Resonant Frequency≥25 kHz≥25 kHz[1] 
Rise Time (Reflected)≤20 µ sec≤20 µ sec[1] 
Non-Linearity≤1 % FS≤1 % FS[3] 
Acceleration Sensitivity≤0.002 psi/g≤1.41E-3 kPa/(m/s²) 
Temperature Range (Operating)-450 to +500 °F-268 to +260 °C 
Temperature Coefficient of Sensitivity≤0.01 %/°F≤0.018 %/°C 
Maximum Flash Temperature10000 °F5538 °C 
Maximum Shock10000 g pk98070 m/s² pk 
Capacitance18 pF18 pF 
Electrical Isolation≥100000000 Ohm≥100000000 Ohm 
Insulation Resistance (at room temp)≥1000000000000 Ohm≥1000000000000 Ohm 
Sensing ElementQuartzQuartz 
Sensing GeometryCompressionCompression 
Housing Material17-4 Stainless Steel17-4 Stainless Steel 
Electrical ConnectorIntegral CableIntegral Cable 
Cable Length4 ft1.2 m 
Helium Flow Rate (at 1,500 psi)40 scf/hr1.13 m³/hr 
Water Flow Rate (at 50 psi)1.2 gal/min4.5 L/min 
Weight4.23 oz120 gm 

All specifications are at room temperature unless otherwise specified.

Product Notes
[1] With helium flow.
[2] Resolution dependent on range setting and cable length used in charge system.
[3] Zero-based, least-squares, straight line method.
065A15Seal, .624" OD x .553" ID x .080", brass(3)
070A08Cable adaptor (micro 10-32 jack to BNC jack)(1)
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