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High Shock ICP® Triaxial Accelerometer

Model 350A43 is a ceramic, case isolated ICP® shock accelerometer that is mechanically isolated, electrically filtered and hermetically sealed for harsh environments such as pyroshock. Mechanical isolation limits the passage of high frequency signals into the sensing element. This ICP® shock accelerometer has an electrical second order LP filter between the sensing crystal and the ICP® amplifier, avoiding amplifier saturation and extending useful frequency response.

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  • Mechanically isolated and electrically filtered
  • Hermetically sealed sensing element for harsh environments
  • Case isolated to avoid electrical noise and ground loops
  • Eliminates the need for mounting three single axis sensors on a cube and uses a single shielded cable to simplify routing


  • Far-field and mid-field pyroshock
  • Resonant beam excitation monitoring
  • High shock metal-to-metal impact
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  • Sensitivity: (±30%)0.5 mV/g
  • Sensitivity: (±30%)0.05 mV/(m/s²)
  • Measurement Range: ±10000 g pk
  • Measurement Range: ±98000 m/s² pk
  • Frequency Range: (±1dB)0.4 to 10000 Hz
  • Frequency Range: (±1dB)0.4 to 10000 Hz
  • Electrical Connector: Integral Cable
  • Electrical Connector: Integral Cable
$2600.00 USD
(Pricing valid in US only)
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