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Product Literature & Technical Information

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Sensors for Research & Development

Digital Version! Test & Measurement Sensors & Instrumentation

Acceleration & Vibration, Acoustics, Pressure, Force, Load, Strain, Shock & Torque - Sensors for all your Test and Measurement needs. 0111

Print Version! Test & Measurement Sensors & Instrumentation

Acceleration & Vibration, Acoustics, Pressure, Force, Load, Strain, Shock & Torque - Sensors for all your Test and Measurement needs. 0111

PCB Sensor Technologies & Instrumentation

Selection Guide of Sensors for Acceleration, Acoustics, Force, Load, Pressure, Shock, Strain, Torque & Vibration. 0509

New! PCB® Platinum Stock Products

Available With Our Lifetime Warranty and Fast Shipping. 0817

What's New at PCB®

A one-stop location to view and learn about all our new products. 0617

Sensors for Research & Development

We have Accelerometers, Microphones, Force & Pressure Sensors and supporting Electronics / Cables for use in your Test Lab, all of which are backed by our
Total Customer Satisfaction guarantee. 1116

New! Case Isolated Triaxial ICP® Accelerometers With TEDS

Model 354A04 and 354A05 are case isolated for mounting directly on test item. 0617

New! High Shock ICP® Triaxial Accelerometer

Mechanically isolated, electronically filtered and hermetically sealed for harsh environments. 1016

New! High Temperature Miniature Triaxial ICP® Accelerometer

Operates up to +356 °F (180 °C). 0917

Miniature Triaxial ICP® Accelerometers with TEDS

Models 356A43, 356A44 and 356A45 are miniature and lightweight triaxial ICP® accelerometers that are TEDS IEEE 1451.4 enabled.

Miniature Triaxial ICP® Accelerometer

Model 356A03 – 10 mV/g sensitivity in a miniature 1/4 inch cube. 0517

MEMS DC Response Accelerometers

New 3741, 3711 & 3713 "E" Series are for low-frequency vibration and motion measurements

MEMS DC Response Accelerometers

3741, 3711 & 3713 "B" Series are for low-frequency vibration and motion measurements 0211

MEMS High G Shock Accelerometers/Fuze

MEMS Design & Fabrication - Series 3991. 0313

MEMS High G Shock Accelerometers/High Impact Shock

MEMS Design & Fabrication - Series 3501 & 3503. 0117

High Shock ICP® Accelerometer

Model 350D02 is filtered, lightweight and hermetically sealed
for harsh environments. 1112

New! Phantom Powered Preamplifier for Test and Measurement Microphones

PCB’s phantom powered preamplifier (426A14) has a unique convertible design that mates with any ½” or ¼” prepolarized IEC 61094-4 compliant microphone cartridge. 0417

New! ½” Low Noise Prepolarized Microphone and Preamplifier

Model 378A04 is a low noise floor, high sensitivity, prepolarized microphone system. 0517

New! Acoustic Measurement Sensors & Instrumentation brochure

A condensed Selection Guide of Sensors, containing specifications on Modern Prepolarized, Traditional Externally Polarized (200V) condenser microphones and value-oriented Array electret microphones. Inside you will find preamplifiers, power supplies and common accessories.

New! Microphone Micro-Catalog

Brief description of all PCB prepolarized and externally polarized microphones, preamplifiers, systems and accessories. 0517

New! Prepolarized ICP® Array Microphones

The value oriented 130 Series is recommended for Consumer Goods Testing and Noise Source Location and R&D product testing. 1116

New! 1/2" High Frequency and High Amplitude Prepolarized Microphone

Model 377A06 is free-field prepolarized microphone recommended for applications where a wide range of frequencies or higher amplitudes are required in a 1/2" package. 0516

New! 1/2" Random Incidence, High Frequency, High Amplitude, Prepolarized Microphone

Model 377A21 is a prepolarized microphone for diffuse field applications to measure beyond the human hearing range and where a wide range of frequencies or higher amplitudes are required. 0617

New! 1/2" Water & Dust Resistant Prepolarized Array Microphone and Preamplifier

Model 130A24 is a free-field prepolarized array microphone and preamplifier system recommended for harsh applications and environments. 0617

New! 1/2" Free-Field Prepolarized Microphone and Preamplifier

Model 378A07 is recommended for high accuracy applications where extreme low frequency (infrasound) measurements are required. 0615

New! 1/2" Prepolarized Random Incidence Microphone

Model 377C20 is recommended to measure signals arriving simultaneously from multiple directions. 0616

New! 1" Pressure Response Prepolarized Microphone

Model 377A15 is recommended for low frequency and low noise measurements. 0516

New! Preamplifiers for Measurement Microphones

A portfolio of 1/2" and 1/4" preamplifiers for all your test applications. 0415

High Temperature Probe Microphone and Preamplifier

Model 377B26 is recommended for testing sound pressure measurements in high temperature environments and confined areas. 0616

1/2" ICP® Free-Field Prepolarized Microphone

Model 377B02 is recommended for extremely accurate applications where high frequencies and high amplitude measurements are required. 0616

1/4" Free-Field Prepolarized Microphone and Preamplifier

Model 378C01 is recommended for extreme accuracy applications where high frequencies or high acoustic amplitude
measurements are required. 0516

Surface Microphone

Model 130B40 is recommended for measuring surface pressure and noise measurements in environments where wind is prevalent, or space is confined. 0114

1/4" Prepolarized Pressure Field Microphone, Side Vented

Model 377A14 is recommended for applications where high amplitude sound pressure levels or high frequency measurements are required. This ¼” model is designed to be used in a flush mounted application where large differences of static pressure exist. 0517

1/4" Pressure-Field Prepolarized Microphone and Preamplifier

Model 378C10 is recommended for extreme accuracy applications where high frequencies or high acoustic amplitude
measurements are required. 0516

1/4" Prepolarized Pressure-Field Microphone

Model 377A12 is recommended for high accuracy applications where extremely high acoustic amplitude measurements are required. 0517

In-Line A-weighting filter

Model 426B02 is powered by constant current excitation and is compatible with ICP® microphone preamplifiers. 1207

Microphone Brand Comparison Report

Leading microphone brands are compared side-by-side by SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden. Extensive performance and environmental tests were performed on  microphones from PCB, B&K, G.R.A.S and BSWA. 

PCB Load Cells

PCB Load & Torque has redesigned its general purpose load cells including low profile, canister,
rod-end, S-type, fatigue rated low profile and dual-bridge load cells. For Test, Measurement,
& Monitoring Requirements in Automotive, Aerospace, R&D, and Process
Control Applications. 0914

Dual Bridge Load Cells

For Aerospace Applications. 0413

Rod End Load Cells

Proprietary Spherical Design for Superior Side-loading Resistance. 0914

Spot Weld Monitoring

ICP® Strain Sensors and DIN Rail ICP® Sensor Signal Conditioners offer a simple technique for monitoring weld forces to ensure zero defects. 0317

3-Component Dynamic Force Sensors

Series 260 - conduct dynamic force measurements simultaneously in three orthogonal directions. 1109

ICP® Sensor signal conditioner

Model 410B01 – for process monitoring, quality assurance, and product testing. 0408

Assembly Force Monitoring

ICP® Strain Sensors and DIN Rail ICP® Sensor Signal Conditioners offer a simple technique for monitoring assembly weld forces to ensure zero defects. 0317

Dynamic Force Sensors

Complete line of quartz force sensors for dynamic measurements such as impact, repetitive cycles, punch press, or crimping. 0110

Dynamic ICP® Strain Sensor

Series M240 – monitors machinery forces indirectly for insuring product quality, recognizing upsets, or determining tool wear.

New! Reuseable Piezoelectric ICP® Strain Sensor

Series 740 For Dynamic Testing of Aircraft, Defense Vehicles and Components. 0516

DIN Rail Mount Signal Conditioner

Series 8161 – designed for existing DIN rail installations where signal conditioning for strain gage based
load cells is desired. 1104

New! Miniature Precision Pressure Sensor

For Achieving Highly Accurate Pressure Measurements in Thermodynamic Environments. 1013

New! Very High and Extreme Temperature Dynamic Pressure Sensors With Charge Output:

Designed to withstand application challenges of turbine monitoring. 0117

Dynamic Pressure Sensors for High Frequency Measurements

Extremely fast, micro-second response with wide amplitude & frequency range. Popular applications include measuring blast and explosion pressure in free-field or closed bunker arenas to obtain peak pressure, total impulse, shock wave and time-of-arrival measurements often used to study blast effects on structures, vehicles, and surrounding objects. 0812

PCB® Load and Torque Sensors

PCB® Load & Torque offers a broad selection of competitively priced torque sensors to meet the most demanding test and measurement requirements. 0914

TORKDISC® In-line Rotary Torque Sensor System

Series 5300, For Powertrain Development 0914

Single Channel Telemetry System

Series 8179, For Automotive, Aerospace & Defense, Wind Power Plant, Test Benches, & Other Industrial Testing. 0914

Rotor Telemetry

For Automotive, Aerospace & Defense, Wind Power Plant, Test Benches, & Other Industrial Testing. 0217

Torque Sensors

Complete line of rotary and reaction style torque sensors including the short-coupled TORKDISC® with digital signal telemetry. 0914

New! High Performance Wireless Torque Telemetry System

AT-4400 Series – for automotive, marine and industrial applications. 0217

New! AT-5000 EasyApp

Fast & Dependable Measurement of Torque, Temperature, Voltage on Automotive Driveshafts. 1115

New! Four and Eight-channel Multi-purpose Signal Conditioners

For ICP®, Charge Output, and Bridge/Differential Sensors. 0517

Modular Signal Conditioners

Series 440. Modules support ICP®, TEDS, charge output piezoelectric, and capacitive sensors and install into a variety of chassis sizes for versatility or customized requirements. Factory pre-configured models support popular requirements. 1003

Multi-channel Signal Conditioners

Series 481A-498A – in 8 and 16 channel configurations. Conditions ICP® and charge output piezoelectric sensors in a rack mount chassis with gain, filtering and computer control. 0306

Fastener Assembly

Torque Transducers, Hand Torque/Torque-Angle Wrenches, Portable Digital Transducer Instruments,
Joint Simulators, Data Acquisition Instrumentation, & Accessories. 0914

Rotary Torque Transducers

Series PC9000, used in the fastener assembly market to verify the performance of hand and power torque tools. 0914

Hand Torque-Angle Wrenches

Series HT7000, for Post Assembly Torque Auditing, Bolted Joint Troubleshooting, and High Precision Final Assembly. 0912

Hand Torque-Angle Wrenches

Series HTA7000, for Post Assembly Torque Auditing, Torque-Angle Signature Analysis, and Bolted Joint Troubleshooting. 0912

Stationary Torque Transducers

Series ST7000, For Use in Power and Hand Tool Audit, Calibration, & Certification. 0914

Force Washer Transducers

Series FT4000, For Use in Threaded Fastener Torque-Angle-Tension Testing. 0914

Portable Peak Meter

Model 910, For Use in Monitoring Dynamic or Static Torque Applied to Threaded Fasteners, and Monitoring Compression or Tension Force. 0914

Portable Data Recorder (Model 962)

For Torque-Angle-Tension Testing of Threaded Fastener Components. 0914

Portable Digital Transducer Instrument

Model 920, For Product Audits, Tool Setup and Calibration, In-process SPC, and Troubleshooting. 0914

LabMaster Portable (Model 3210)

For Joint Analysis and Torque-Tension Testing. 0914

Joint Simulators

Series JS2000, For Use in Calibration and Certification of Power Tools.

Fastener Test Systems

Data acquisition, Rotary Torque-angle Transducers, Load Cells, Fastener Drive System, Fastener Testing Fixture assembly. 0914

Fastener Testing

Data Acquisition, Torque Transducers, Load Cells, Drive Motors, Fixtures, and Accessories for Torque Tension Testing, Friction Coefficient Testing, and Other Mechanical Testing of Threaded Fasteners. 0914

LabMaster Professional

Model 3200, For Complete Torque-Angle-Tension Testing and Analysis of Threaded Fastener Components. 0912

Rotary Torque Transducers

Series PC9000, used in the fastener assembly market to verify the performance of hand and power torque tools. 0914

Fastener Drive Systems

For Threaded Fastener Testing.

Force Washer Transducers

Series FT4000, For Use in Threaded Fastener Torque-Angle-Tension Testing. 0914

Fastener Torque-Tension Load Cells

For Use in Measuring and Analyzing Threaded Fastener Characteristics in Production Lot Testing and R&D Studies. 0914

Portable Data Recorder (Model 962)

For Torque-Angle-Tension Testing of Threaded Fastener Components. 0914

New! Wind Tunnel Sensors

Dynamic pressure sensors, force sensors and microphones
for Aerodynamic Engineers. 0914

New! Vibration Testing in Severe Thermal Environments

Featuring UHT-12™ Ultra High Temperature Sensing Element. 0617

New! Quartz, Free-field, ICP® Blast Pressure Pencil Probe

New Series 137B pencil probes with 10-32 or BNC jack connectors. 0817

Environmental Test

Piezoelectric MEMS Response Accelerometers, Shock Sensors, Force Sensors, Pressure Sensors, Acoustic Microphones & Torque Sensors. 0117

Force Limited Vibration Testing System

For Easy and Accurate Measurement of the Input Force. 0113

Low Outgassing Accelerometers & Cables

For Thermal Vacuum Vibration Testing. 0812

Explosive, Gun & Impact Testing

Accelerometers, Pressure Sensors, Force & Strain Sensors, Cables/Connectors, and Signal Conditioning for Blast, Ballistics and Shock Measurement. 0817

Aerospace Flight Test

Miniature, Triaxial, and High-Temperature Accelerometers, DC Response Accelerometers, Acoustic Microphones, Pressure Sensors, Signal Conditioning, and Accessories. 0812

Aerospace Ground Test

Accelerometers, Dynamic Force Sensors, Modally Tuned® ICP® Impact Hammers, Modal Analysis Sensors, Electrodynamic Modal Shakers, Strain Gage Load Cells, Pressure Transducers
and Accessories. 0812


Accelerometers for Health & Usage Monitoring Systems. 0211

Sensors For Extreme Temperature Automotive Testing

Featuring UHT-12™ Ultra High Temperature Sensing Element.

Powertrain Development Sensors

Accelerometers, Microphones, Torque Sensors, Pressure Sensors, Force Sensors, & Instrumentation
for Powertrain Development Applications. 0317

Sensors for Road Load Measurements

Accelerometers, Pressure Sensors, Force Sensors, Strain Sensors, Load Cells, & Signal Conditioners
for Road Load Measurement Applications. 1115

Automotive Component & System Performance Sensors

Accelerometers, Preamplifiers, Microphones, Force Sensors, Torque Sensors, Load Cells, Pressure Sensors, & Signal Conditioners for Automotive Component & System Performance Applications.

Vehicle & Component Durability Sensors

Accelerometers, Load Cells, Force Sensors, & Signal Conditioners for Vehicle & Component Durability Applications. 1115

Motorsport Sensors

Accelerometers, Force Sensors, Preamplifiers, Microphones, Torque Sensors, Pressure Sensors, Load Cells, Modally® Tuned ICP® Impact Hammers, & Signal Conditioners for Motorsport Applications. 1115

Vehicle & Powertrain NVH Sensors

Accelerometers, Preamplifiers, Microphones, Signal Conditioners, Sound Level Meters & Accessories
for Vehicle & Powertrain NVH Applications. 0317

Automotive Modal Analysis

Accelerometers, Dynamic Force Sensors, Modally Tuned® ICP® Impact Hammers, Electrodynamic Modal Shakers and Accessories for use in Automotive Modal Analysis Applications. 1115

Driveability and Ride & Handling Sensors

Accelerometers, Force Sensors, Load Cells, Signal Conditioners, & Human Vibration Meters for use in Driveability and Ride & Handling Applications. 1115

Sensors for Machinery Health Monitoring

Industrial Monitoring Instrumentation

Predictive Maintenance, Process Monitoring & Protection, Energy & Power Generation 1215

IMI Sensors Platinum Stock Products

Our most popular products, in stock, ready to ship and with our Lifetime Warranty. 1116

IMI Metric Product Overview

We offer metric versions of all of our products. Just add “M” when ordering! 0613

General Signal Conditioning Guide

An Introduction to the Operation of ICP® and Charge Output Sensors and Instrumentation 1209

Sensors Approved for Use in Explosive Environments

Ensure proper selection of monitoring equipment for hazardous applications 1116

Dual Output Vibration Sensors

Designed to provide simultaneous monitoring of two data points from one sensor. 0915

Instrumentation for High Temperature Environments

Accelerometers and Pressure Sensors for Demanding Measurement & Monitoring Requirements. 0317

High-Frequency ICP® Triaxial Accelerometer (Model [EX]639A91)

Save time and money by taking three simultaneous vibration measurements.

High Temperature ICP® Accelerometers (Models HT602D01, HT622A01, HT623C01, HT624B01, HT625B01, HT628F01)

Survive in higher temperature environments than competitors’ IEPE sensors 0516

The Swiveler® and Spindler®- Patented ICP® Accelerometers (Models [EX]607AX1)

Small, Submersible Sensors with Swiveling Mounting Stud 0516

ICP® Accelerometers with Quartz Element (Models 624B01, 627A01, 628F01)

Provide Long-Term, Stable Sensitivity in a Wide Range of Temperatures 0816

Triaxial ICP® Accelerometers (Models 604BXX and [EX]629AXX)

Measures vibration in the horizontal, vertical and axial directions simultaneously 0116

Versatile, Low-Cost ICP® Accelerometers (Models [CS][EX]603CXX)

Versatile accelerometers designed for industrial applications 1115

Hazardous Area Approved Triaxial ICP® Accelerometer (Model EX629A11A)

Designed to withstand the challenges of route-based PdM in hazardous environments 0616

High Frequency ICP® Accelerometer with Integral Magnet (Model 607M123)

Ideal for daily route-based use and balancing applications 1115

ICP® Accelerometers for Route-Based Predictive Maintenance (Models 607M123, 621B40, 622B01, EX629A11)

Designed to optimize manpower utilized on walk-around monitoring routes 0216

ICP® Accelerometers with M12 Connector (Models 601A92, 602D91, 603C91)

Designed for connector consistency in industrial, permanent-mount vibration monitoring 0517

ICP® Accelerometer with Top-Exit Integral Cable (Model 608A11)

Designed for applications requiring a small footprint. 0110

Embeddable, Low-Cost Vibration Sensors (660 Series)

For high volume and commercial OEM requirements. 1215

Very High Temperature ICP® Accelerometer (Models EX600B1X)

An ICP® accelerometer kit designed to withstand that challenges of extreme temperatures as well as hazardous area applications 0513

Echo® Wireless Vibration System®

Forget Cables, Go Wireless! Take a closer look at this simple, affordable, effective wireless vibration system. 0817

High Temperature, Hazardous Area Approved Charge Accelerometer (Model EX615A42)

Designed for rugged environments with higher sensitivity signal requirements. 1115

Very High Temperature, Hazardous Area Approved Charge Accelerometer (Model EX619A11)

Designed for very high temperature environments with explosive gases or dusts. 1115

Very High Temperature, Differential Charge Accelerometers (Models 357A100 and [EX]357C7X)

Designed to withstand application challenges of high heat environments 0616

NEW! Extreme Temperature Charge Accelerometers (Models 357E9X)

Designed to withstand application challenges of extreme heat environments such as gas turbines. 0717

Extreme Temperature Charge Output Accelerometer (Models EX611AX0)

Designed to withstand application challenges of extreme heat environments such as gas turbines and nuclear power plants. 0615

4-20 mA Vibration Monitoring Equipment

4-20 mA vibration sensors, transmitters, alarms, and indicators for industrial vibration monitoring with existing process instrumentation. 0817

Smart Vibration Sensors (649 and 686 Series)

Programmable sensors utilizing microprocessor technology and application specific algorithms 0909

Reciprocating Machinery Protector (Models [EX]649AX1)

Patented new technology for machinery health monitoring of reciprocating compressors. 0615

Bearing Fault Detector PLUS (Models [CS]649AX3)

USB Programmable loop powered device with 4-20mA output contained in a typical vibration sensor housing
ideal for fault detection in rolling element bearings 1013

Bearing Fault Detector (Model 682B05)

Provides early warning of mechanical machinery failure. 1115

Universal Transmitter (Models 682AX6)

Offers Current Output, Voltage Output, and Two Relay Outputs. 1207

Vibration Indicator with Alarm Set Points (683 Series)

For use with ICP® Accelerometers or 4-20 mA Industrial Vibration Sensors 0110

Linear Adjust Mechanical Vibration Switch (Models [EX]685AX9)

The new patent pending design innovation provides better control over trip sensitivity than any other mechanical vibration
switch on the market. 1115

USB Programmable Smart Vibration Switch (Models [EX]686BXX)

Highly versatile, fully user programmable via USB, low cost, and a drop-in replacement for most popular mechanical vibration switches 0116

Electronic Vibration Switches (685B Series)

Designed to provide continuous machinery protection. 0714

Hazardous Area Approved ICP® Pressure Sensors (Series 121 & 144)

Solid-state, quartz piezoelectric sensing elements with integral microelectronic ICP® amplifier 1209

New! Very High and Extreme Temperature Dynamic Pressure Sensors With Charge Output (176 Series)

Designed to withstand application challenges of turbine monitoring. 0517

Differential Charge Amplifier (Models 421A3X)

Designed for use with high temperature differential charge pressure and vibration sensors. 0715

DIN Rail Differential Charge Amplifier (Model EX682A40)

Designed for use with high temperature differential charge pressure and vibration sensors. 0715

Breakaway Safety Connector DAQ Cables (Model 052LVXXXXX)

Keep Equipment & Personnel Protected from Hazardous Machinery 0411

Data Collection Extension Pole (Models 080A225, 080A226)

It’s never been so easy and safe to access those hard to reach places! 0112

Handheld Vibration Meter Kit (Model 687A01)

Conveniently measures vibration levels of industrial machinery for predictive maintenance requirements. 0110

Hand-held Shaker (Model 699A02)

For field verification of vibration sensor sensitivity and troubleshooting cable continuity. 0708

Industrial Portable Vibration Calibrator (Models 699A06, 699A07)

Calibrate accelerometers, velocity sensors, and eddy current sensors for end-to-end functionality and alarm trip point confirmation. 0817 

Motor Vibration

Detect mechanical & electrical motor faults with vibration monitoring instrumentation. 0817

Food and Beverage Manufacturing

Vibration sensors designed to remain installed during daily washdown cycle. 0617

Pumps & Submersible Pumps

Highlighting hermetic sensors for pump cavitation, recirculation & resonance. 0817

Paper Machines & Conveyors

Sensors built to survive hot, wet and debris filled environments. 1215

Combustion Dynamics Instrumentation

For the most demanding gas turbine measurement & monitoring requirements. 0217

Protecting Cooling Towers & HVAC Systems

Reliable and cost-effective vibration monitoring solutions for cooling fans and other low frequency equipment. 0516

Mining Equipment Monitoring & Protection:

Sensors approved for hazardous locations, underground mining, corrosive and high temperature areas. 0817


Instrumentation built to survive in grease & grime and pickup gear mesh faults. 0213

Wind Turbine Condition Monitoring & Assessment

Sensors and instrumentation for permanent installation and testing of wind turbines and turbine components. 0316

Oil & Gas Wells and Pipelines

Sensors for natural gas supply & petrochemical industry. 0213

Vibratory Screens & Feeders

Meeting the demands of environmental vibration measurement & trending applications. 0315

Reciprocating Machinery

Sensors optimized for the unique challenges of protecting & monitoring reciprocating machinery. 0513

Machine Tool Spindles

Eliminate the guesswork, use vibration trends to change tooling efficiently. 1215

Steel Rolling & Annealing

Sensors that stand up to the harsh, high temperature and extreme environments of steel mills. 1113

Nuclear Power Instrumentation

Sensors featuring the radiation hardened approvals necessary for nuclear power environments. 0217

Shock Monitoring

Miniature embeddable accelerometers for monitoring shock in critical shipping containers. 0213

Rotary Screw Compressors

High frequency accelerometers capable of capturing rotor mesh and bearing faults. 0213

Sensors for Power Generation & Reciprocating Equipment Monitoring

Pressure Sensors & Accelerometers for Precision Measurement Requirements

Systems for Research & Development

SoundExpert ® LxT Sound Level Meter

Class 1 entry level, designed for professionals 0714

Model 831 Sound Level Meter

Class 1 for general use, building acoustics & environmental noise 0616

SoundTrack LxT®

For occupational noise analysis 0116

SoundTrack LxT® N/Forcer

For community noise ordinance and nuisance complaint response1006

System 824

Sound Level Meter for audiometer calibration

Firearms Acoustic Analysis

For measuring sound levels produced by firearms


Rapid deployment noise monitoring system with cellular internet 0515

Audiometer Calibration

Certification and electro-acoustic test systems 0613

Acoustic Couplers

Couplers and ear simulators 0516

HVM200 Human Vibration Meter

For worker safety & product testing

Spark® Family of Noise Dosimeters

Three Models, Four Doses. One Choice 1013

BAS001 Omnidirectional Source

For reverberation time, room acoustic and building acoustic measurement 0316

BAS002 Amplifier 0812

Amplifier used with BAS001 or BAS003

BAS003 Directional Source 0812

Sound source for building acoustics measurement

BAS004 Tapping Machine

Impact noise excitation for sound insulation measurement in buildings 0315

BAS006 Impulsive Source

Impulsive noise excitation for reverberation time Measurement 0315

CAL150, Acoustic Calibrator

IEC 60942 Class 2 Sound Level Calibrator for 1/2" microphones at 1000 Hz 0206

CAL200, Acoustic Calibrator

IEC 60942 Class 1 Sound Level Calibrator for 1/2" microphones at 1000 Hz 0209

CAL250, Acoustic Calibrator

IEC 60942 Class 1 Sound Level Calibrator for 1" microphones at 251.2 Hz

Model PRM2103

Outdoor preamplifier with calibration check 1014

2221 Power Supply

Single channel power supply for low noise and 200V microphones 0415

Acoustic Measurement Sensors & Instrumentation

For Precise Sound Measurements

Model 426A12, Permanent Outdoor Microphone

For community, traffic and aircraft noise monitoring

Model 831-INT Docking Station

Compact interface for accessories in a noise monitoring station 0911

Blaze® Software

Analysis, report generation and management of noise for industrial hygiene

Technical Information

Basic Definitions


Patented “Linear Adjust Design” Mechanical Vibration Switch

Industry-Leading Design Providing Tremendous Performance Improvements.

Highly Configurable Electronic Vibration Switch

Learn about the high level of functionality in a compact enclosure.

Understanding Current Output Signals- RMS, Peak and True Peak

Learn about the electronics process necessary to convert raw vibration signal to a current output signal.

Sensors with Integral Softline Cable

Learn about the construction and applications of integral softline cables.

Specmanship 101

Learn how to spot manipulations of specification data.

Powering ICP® Accelerometers

Learn more about the IMI Sensor's offering of signal conditioners.

Driving Long Cables

Learn how to balance the need for long cables with the need for high frequency measurements.

Calibration of Industrial Accelerometers

Learn about the importance of calibration for accurate measurements and the calibration process.

Universal Transmitter

Harnessing the power of a universal transmitter.

Ultra Low Frequency Displacement Sensor

Ideal for 4-20 mA vibration trending of slow-speed rotating equipment.

USB Programmable Smart Switch

Technological breakthrough in the vibration switch market...And inexpensive too!

Selecting Accelerometers

IMI Sensors has your sensor, no matter the application requirement!

Mounting Techniques

Sensor mounting can significantly affect the high frequency response of accelerometers.

Troubleshooting Using Bias Voltage

Ensure your sensor is receiving power by measuring the DC output voltage.

Model 685B "Fully Loaded" Vibration Switch

Covers all the bases in critical machinery vibration protection.

Fastener Basics

Learn the Theory Behind Fastener Assembly and Testing Systems